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Medical Billing & Coding

Become a part of the health care industry today with a certification in Medical Coding and Billing. As a Certified Medical Coding and Billing specialist, students will have the opportunity to become a valuable member of a healthcare team in any healthcare setting. Medical billing and coding professionals enjoy the benefits of working in healthcare, without any hands-on clinical responsibilities. Medical Coding and Billing specialists are responsible for maintaining patient’s billing records, submitting claims and invoices, communicating with insurances regarding denied claims and recording collected reimbursements for services provided.


About the course

This nationwide approved, self-taught course is designed for individuals who are interested in developing a career in the healthcare field that is specifically geared towards the financial department of the healthcare setting. 

E & S Academy’s Online Certified Medical Coding and Billing course consist of 200 hours which is broken up into online lessons designed by highly experienced Medical Coding and Billing professors and specialists.

$ 1000 USD

The medical coding and billing industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Complete in eight weeks this course.

The online Certified Medical Coding and Billing Specialist program is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge, gain valuable work experience, and potentially launch a rewarding career in the healthcare field with higher salaries.

The goal of the online Medical Coding and Billing program is to provide a flexible and convenient e-learning course for individuals who are interested in entering an advanced medical profession across the country without any hands-on clinical responsibility.

Course Description

  • Medical Billing & Coding: $1000.00 USD.
  • Estimated time: 4 – 8 weeks of self-paced online learning.
  • Start anytime after you enroll.
  • Virtual Instructors are available for questions and support.
  • Our training includes interactive videos, lectures, and quizzes.
  • 24/7 access to the course from anywhere on any smart order mobile device.
  • Clinical practice, externships, and internships are not required or included.
  • Course certification is approved by the board of education and nationally approved by the NHA and NCCT.

What will you learn

The Online Medical Coding and Billing training program is designed to assist students to develop the health-based financial and organizational skills needed in medical coding and billing.

Students will learn how to use medical billing software and clearing houses to manage the coding and billing of a healthcare or medical office. Students will become familiar with common procedures for coding patient services and how to submit claims for reimbursement. 

E & S Academy Certified Medical Coding and Billing course will teach students how to submit, verify and resubmit claims, correct claims, and denied claims. 

In this course, students will also gain an understanding of how to settle patient claims, correspond with insurance companies, and how to collaborate between medical professionals, patients, and healthcare insurance companies to satisfy financial balances. Students will gain the skills required to maintain high proficiency in information management.

Course Structure

• Basic keyboarding and medical office skills training so that each student can become a competent Certified Medical Coding and Billing Specialist on a national scale.
• Anatomy and Physiology/Medical Terminology
• Basics of health insurance, as well as principles of ICD 10, CPT-4, and HCPCS coding.
• The functionalities of billing software and clearing houses in healthcare.
• Correspondence with medical professionals, patients, and insurance companies for billing management.

Results after course completion

Students who have successfully completed the Certified Medical Coding and Billing Specialist course with E & S Academy, will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion soon after course completion that will certify and allow students to obtain employment as a Certified Medical Coding and Billing Specialist or similar, anywhere in the United States.

E&S Academy assists its students after course completion by providing a current list of resources and employers that are eager to hire entry-level healthcare professionals. E & S also takes the time to work with graduates by sending links to the most current employment opportunities posted on job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and many more.

Upon hire, employers will provide on-the-job training and hands-on practice to ensure that graduates are prepared to work efficiently. Students can obtain the list of referrals by going onto our Job network site to view our growing network of employers.

There is a high demand for Certified Medical Coding and Billing Specialists in all medical facilities and health insurance companies in the healthcare industry. A Medical Coding and Billing certification is recommended for individuals who are interested in working in Health care and prefer to work in an office setting managing the billing of patient services. 

Working as a Medical Coding and Billing specialist enables students to assist the community, while also entering a fast-expanding and advanced career field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16% increase in job opportunities through 2030, which is much faster than the average for most industries.

Moreover, the average Medical Coding and Billing Specialist can earn a salary of up to $80,000 per year. Students have a hire turnaround time of 1-4 weeks after graduating from E & S Academy’s Online Certified Medical Coding and Billing Specialist program.

Preview of Our E-Learning Platform

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How to Enroll

  1. Click on “Enroll Now”

  2. You will be redirected to the checkout page to fill out your personal information, create a student account and complete the course payment.
  3. After purchasing the course, you will be redirected to complete the Registration application and must complete the registration application and submit a photo of two forms of U.S. Government ID’s and a Social Security Card using the upload option at the end of the Registration application.
  4. Once the purchase and registration application are complete, you may automatically begin your course by clicking on “Student Dashboard”.
  5. Customer support can be reached by contacting 1-844 372 2233

What our students say

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“Great Career! Thanks to the academy and the admissions team to encouraging me to take this path in the healthcare!”
Alice Daele
9 1
“I love what I learn, the way the content is distributed and all the knowledge that I collect studying this joyful career.”
Tiffany Hudson

E & S Academy works with over 100 employers throughout the United States, in efforts to assist employers and graduates to get connected through our Job Network. Employers across the state welcome all of E & S Academy’s graduates to apply and offer hands on and on-the-job training upon hire. Our mission is to create qualified Healthcare professionals within the communities all over the United States