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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the course of your preference the tuition cost includes the online portion of the program, instructional help, account support, and 24/7 access to our e-learning platform.

Programs list below:

It depends on the course chosen. Self-taught, self-paced-24/7 access online, live instructors available as needed by appointment, accessible through tablets, smartphones, desktop, etc. Immediate access to the course after enrollment. Live customer service representatives available as needed.

E & S Academy works with over 100 employers throughout the United States, in efforts to assist employers and graduates with their needs please get connected through our Job Network. Employers across the state welcome all of E & S Academy’s graduates to apply and offer hands on and on-the-job training upon hire. Our mission is to create qualified healthcare professionals within the communities all over the United States

E & S Academy also has a sister company, E & S Home Care Solutions, LLC that offers guaranteed job placement for CHHA graduates, including a tuition refund after 3 months of employment, followed by a $600-$1,000 Sign On Bonus after 6 months of employment.

E & S Academy networks with sponsors that are open to provide financial assistance to potential career seekers. Typically, these sponsors pay for a course and hire the sponsored students upon completion of their training. This is a list of our employer sponsors including the courses they sponsor.

Please note: Each sponsor has their set of requirements and limits. Please reach out to these sponsors and mention that you want to take a course at E&S Academy.

Here the list of the Sponsor List

Aside from financial sponsors, E & S Academy offers students flexible payment plans to assist students with achieving their career goals without the worry of not being able to afford the tuition.

We have two options for payment plans for our students:

1. Payment Plan 1
25% deposit, followed by 3 equal payments charged weekly until full tuition amount is satisfied.

2. Payment Plan 2
10% deposit, followed by 6 equal payments charged weekly until full tuition amount is satisfied.

Online courses are accessible in your state 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For hybrid courses you can contact our admissions department: +1-844-372-2233

E & S Academy has corporate locations in  NJ.

Online courses are accessible Immediately after enrollment and are self-paced, allowing students the flexibility to study around their busy schedules. For hybrid courses, dates and times may vary for in-person sessions. Students may contact the admissions department for more information on our hybrid schedules.

​Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. We are open for inquiries and information to all of our current and prospective students.

Online courses are accessible immediately right after enrollment.
Students will have access to the course material 24/7.

The only classes that are in-person sessions for a practical requirement is the Certified Home Health Aide Course, usually available on weekdays only. Morning and evening sessions are also available.

Most of our courses are 100% online, once students enroll, they can access the course they are enrolled in 24/7 after their registration. You make your own schedule.
Self-taught, self-paced-, access online, live instructors available as needed by appointment, accessible through tablets, smartphones, desktop, etc. Customer service representatives available as needed for account support.

Our Certified Home Health Aide Program has a set schedule lasting 4 weeks and runs once every month. After purchasing the CHHA course, you will be redirected to complete the registration application, where you may then select a course start date from our available options.

Once you have reviewed the program details you can start the process of enrollment immediately. You can take your time according to the schedule you’ll make for yourself.

For the Certified Home Health Aide course, students must enroll at least one week prior to beginning a course in order to secure a seat for the in-person clinical session which will be held at the end of the online course. 

1. After selecting you program, you will be redirected to the checkout page to create and student account and make your purchase.

2. After completing the purchase, you will be required to complete the registration application and submit a photo copy of 2 forms of U.S. government ID and social security card using the document upload option at the end of the registration application.

Our online programs have a convenient language feature with 100+ languages. This feature is available to offer students with English as a second language, the convenience of being able to select the language that is most comfortable for each individual. Images, voiceovers, and recordings remain in English to ensure that students are prepared to understand basic healthcare communication skills in a healthcare setting. Transcriptions of the multimedia content are easily translatable and presented right below each lesson.

Basic English knowledge is recommended for proper course comprehension and employment opportunities. General course information and course exams are also available in multiple languages.

Students may pause course material to allow time for basic translation and comprehension needs.

E & S Academy certificates of completion do not expire. For most courses, student may opt to receive a national or state certification and these types of certifications/licenses often expire every two years. For more information on a specific certification, more information can be found by visiting our healthcare training courses or by calling E & S Academy’s admissions department.

Our school and programs have gone through the process of approval by the Board of Education, National Health Career Association (NHA) and NCCT, highlighting the quality of our content in every single program.

Certified Home Health Aide training is currently approved in the state of New Jersey only, by the NJ Board Of Nursing.

Due to the Pandemic and the risks associated with the career path, E & S Academy has temporarily discontinued the in-person Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) classes.

E&S Academy has been around for over 10 years!Through those 10 years we gathered feedback from students and instructors alike. With our commitment to our students in mind we continued to evolve throughout the years. We went from a traditional in person academy to an Online Learning destination!