Online Medical Billing Courses Begin June

It’s unbelievable that we are already in the month of June.  However, the exciting aspect of it being almost June is that our Online Medical Billing & Coding courses are beginning soon!  In eight weeks, you can receive your certification.  This certification is perfect if you enjoy working remotely. These are specific details of the … Read more

Enroll Before Memorial Day Weekend

It’s been a crazy year for most of us.  Since the start of the Corona-Virus, we’ve been locked down for the quarantine.  Nevertheless, this is your chance to get started on a new career path before everything opens again.  We’ve taken steps forward to ensuring safety during the crisis.  For instance, most of our courses … Read more

Best Summer Jobs for 2020

You’re probably wishing we were under better circumstances for the summer.  It’s true.  The summer season is here and we are stuck inside for another month or perhaps longer.  Unfortunately, the best thing we can do is to find ways to make our time productive.  It may seem like an impossible task.  There are plenty … Read more

A Time to Do Better. Remembering Happy Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day

It’s one of those days we sometimes don’t take the time to appreciate.  However, together we realize how valuable our planet is.  During the Corona-Virus, the quarantine has been a difficult time for most.  What we took for granted is the beauty and the wonders of the planet.  As we spend more time indoors, the … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t be Wary of Online Classes.

I think a lot has changed for many of us in 2020.  Graduations will be held digitally.  Our entertainment has turned to electronics. We thought that life may continue as normal during this crisis.  Fortunately, we live in a society that is more advanced than previous societies. This means that we have access to an … Read more